My research addresses the interrelationship between Hollywood and the fashion industry from a historical perspective. I am particularly interested in how Hollywood's intermedial reach propelled the international fashion system through the global circulation of cultural and economic capital. I focus on the study of media discourses originating in public relations, advertising, and other communication practices to understand how ideas travel into popular culture manifesting in social and cultural phenomena. My work is heavily driven by archival research and integrates fashion, film and media history from a transdisciplinary perspective. 

     My doctoral dissertation consisted of a historical study of the Academy Awards ceremony and its red-carpet pre-show. The study traced the liaison between Hollywood and fashion institutions, understanding how public relations campaigns and the media articulated fashion discourses around the Oscars leading to the institutionalization of the red-carpet as a fashion event in its own right. 

     I am currently working on a book manuscript about the history of the Academy Awards' red-carpet phenomenon under contract with Edinburgh University Press.



Class and symbolic capital


Stockholm University

Ph.D. in Fashion Studies, Centre for Fashion Studies, Department of Media Studies.

Media industries

Fashion as an industry


Archival research 

New film and media history

Transdisciplinarity and complex thinking

Discourse-historical approach to CDA​

Public Relations, advertising and marketing practices


Stockholm University

Master of Arts in Cinema Studies 

Department of Cinema Studies.


Universidad Argentina de la Empresa

Licentiate in Public Relations.

Hollywood history

Globalization and mass media

Twentieth-century American history

Celebrity culture

Fashion and costume design history

Twentieth-century American history

American studies

Fashion newsfilms


English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish.

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