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Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén's research focuses on the historical relationship between Hollywood and the fashion industry. She is particularly interested in examining how Hollywood's influence has contributed to the global expansion of the fashion system through the circulation of cultural and economic capital. Departing from the analysis of discourses originating from public relations, advertising, marketing, and other institutional practices, Castaldo Lundén seeks to understand how ideas spread into popular culture and influence social and cultural trends. Her work adds to our understanding of how the United States rose to prominence on the global stage by promoting consumer culture during the 20th Century.
Her research heavily relies on archival sources and integrates fashion, cinema, and media history. Her most recent book, Fashion on the Red Carpet: A History of the Oscars, Fashion, and Globalization (Edinburgh University Press, 2021), delves into the history of the red-carpet phenomenon at the Academy Awards, tracing the connection between Hollywood and fashion institutions to explain how public relations campaigns and the media shaped fashion discussions around the Oscars, leading to the establishment of the red carpet as a global fashion media event.
In 2024, she received the prestigious Rettig Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities for "her research on the fashion industry and the impact of the film medium, and on social analysis in relation to fashion, film, and television." According to the press release, "Castaldo Lundén's research brings a wealth of perspective and insight, and is fundamental to the subject's identity while providing valuable insights into the possibilities of fashion studies." (Kungl. Vitterhetsakademin 2024)

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Stockholm University

Doctor of Philosophy in Fashion Studies

Center for Fashion Studies

Department of Media Studies.


Stockholm University

Master of Arts in Cinema Studies 

Department of Cinema Studies.


Universidad Argentina de la Empresa

Licentiate in Public Relations.

Archives /Archival research


Public Relations, advertising and marketing practices in the media and fashion industries.

Hollywood History


History of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


Fashion in newsreels

Costume design

Globalization and mass media

Celebrity and consumer culture

Digital humanities


English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish.

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