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Courses in Cinema Studies

Course coordinator, main lecturer and examinor:

• Research Perspectives in Film Studies (Filmvetenskapliga Forskningsperspektiv).

• European Cinema (Europeisk Film).

• Film History: An Introduction (Filmens Historia: En introduktion).

• Female Superheroes from Ripley to Wonder Woman! (Superhjältinnor från Ripley till Wonder Woman!).

• Moving Images and Gender


Lectures and workshops in:

• Film, Archive, and Digital Culture.

• Cultural Studies and Moving Images (Kulturstudier och rörliga bilder).

• Film History: An Overview 3 (Filmhistorisk översikt 3).

• Introduction to Film Studies (Introduktion till filmvetenskapliga studier).

• Archives in practice.

• Crime and Punishment-the American Way.

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